Your customers are changing the future of your business!

The path from the customer to your brand has changed.

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Customer Journey

Customers are now empowered with multiple devices and web apps. Establishing touch points on the web to engage with your customers is now key to any marketing efforts.

Establish your Customer Journey

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Converged Media

Establishing an Owned repository of assets and building an Earned community of user generated content provides a platform for your Paid Media creating more effective and cost effective targeted campaigns.

What is Converged Media?

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Adapt to your customers

Use powerful Business Intelligence and Data Discovery to provide valuable hidden insights to create a customer centric experience to connect with your audience.

Find out about Data Discovery

“Curiosity Fuels Conversation”

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Discover your Customer Journey

Establishing the point of origin of your customers provides the key to the customer experience you provide. Understanding the information that your customer is searching provides the content you as a business need to provide. Big Data Analytic’s amongst other technological innovations provide the tools necessary for building the road map. It is this road map that mould’s the experience along the customer journey using a Converged Media strategy.

87% of US mobile device owners use a mobile device for shopping activities!

 The Digital Consumer Report, February 2014 – Source: [2]

Providing the answers

Mass emails, mass tweets and direct selling no longer creates the ROI as it once did. Customers are blanking out these invasive techniques. Customers are searching for answers to their problems. Helping and sharing information to help guide customers to their goal with your owned media and earned media and a well defined Converged Media campaign will enable the customer to make an informed decision.

Helping and Sharing with your customers converged media Home Converged Media helping sharing

65% off US tablets owners research items before purchasing!

The Digital Consumer Report, February 2014 – Source: [2]
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Be a Publishing Powerhouse

When your customers start the search for products and services that you provide, ensure that you are creating engaging content that answers their questions and ensure that through efficient content marketing that your content is visible on their search paths. Content marketing is about providing compelling, emotive and engaging information that the customer can trust. Ensure that you are able to edit your content in real time to cater for the new ‘now environment’. Combining this content with Social Media engagement creates the start of a Converged Media strategy.

76% of US mobile owners use their phones as a store locator

The Digital Consumer Report, February 2014 – Source: [2]
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Business Intelligence & Data Discovery

Ensuring your marketing campaign is effective and cost effective is essential for ongoing campaigns. Providing business intelligence dashboards through to data discovery and uncovering hidden information in your data in an easy to understand visualisation is key to a successful marketing campaign.

Providing your stakeholders with actionable interactive dashboards of information gleamed from your collected data will enthuse them to continue with more marketing campaigns as they see the results live from your campaigns.


When Opportunity Knocks

Effective monitoring of live Earned Media channels such as Twitter trends about your vertical, requires immediate reaction with live responses to the trend through community managers and updated Owned Media. Oreo demonstrated converged media perfectly at the Super Bowl during a lighting blackout.

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Digital Transformation Company

We are a digital transformation company with a difference. We provide the solutions to help your company align itself with the new customer experience. We create social engagement campaigns that elevate your brand above the noise simply, quickly and effectively. We use all your owned media, earned media and paid media to leverage the campaigns using what is now known as Converged Media.

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Trust the Pilot

Converting your whole company infrastructure for its move into the digital transformation in numerous internal hurdles and varying results and will most likely never get off the ground. Start with the ‘Pilot Converged Media Campaign’ to provide the confidence in the model and prove the processes and effectiveness on a small scale. Be the Captain of a ‘Pilot Campaign’ and provide a valuable proven platform to take to the board.


converged media Home Converged Media Sainsburys Sarah Warby Becoming a publisher
Sainsbury’s Marketing Director Sarah Warby on how a retailer can behave like a publisher.
converged media Home Converged Media Martin Sorrell Contenet Marketing
Martin Sorrell talks about using data to maximise Social Media returns.
converged media Home Converged Media ZMOT Google CiroQu
ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth – Providing your customers with the information they crave for.

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[1] – Internet Live Stats
[2] – The Digital Consumer Report – February 2014


What is Digital Transformation?
What is Converged Media?

Converged media – The combination of one or more of Owned, Earned and Paid Channels.
Owned Media – Media created by, and controlled by the stakeholder
Earned Media – User generated media conversation about your brand/products and/or services.
Paid Media – Paid advertising that supports Owned, and Earned Media.

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