CiroQu’s Pricing Structure

In our passion to demonstarte our transparency in all that we do, our pricing structure is displayed below. We provide a number of different pricing structures to enable you the client to choose a suitable program that suits your budget and procurement policies.

If you have any questions about our pricing please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fee based or Retainer

Pricing: From £2000 per month


Overview: This has become the most popular program in agency pricing and provides consistent, predictable monthly expenses for our clients. This program encourages a long-term relationship and complete flexibility without the need to continually re calculate costs and jobs. This program can be a general digital consultancy with specific areas of interest to be covered, and will be specified at the commencement of the contract.


Minimum Contract: 6 months

Cost Plus

Pricing: Costs Plus 10% with a maximum of 20%


Overview: The Cost Plus model ensure that our clients are clear how much is being charged by us over and above the declared costs. Our initial cost estimates will detail the cost elements of all projects and display the agreed cost plus percentage. The Cost Plus percentage is calculated on tiered basis dependent on estimated costs.


Minimum Contract: None – priced per project

Time based

Pricing: £75 per hour


Overview: The Time Based program provides for one-off projects, whilst we can only provide estimates at the initial stage we are very experienced at this and with this in mind we fix the maximum in the estimate to 20% of our estimate, ensuring that our clients are comfortable in the fact the final costs cannot exceed 20% of the initial estimate.

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