Digital Transformation

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation refers to the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society.

The dynamics of the customer has changed from a helpless receptor to a powerful aggregator. No longer can businesses ‘push’ their message they need to provide a customer experience in the digital world to engage the customer on their digital exploration.

Customers have created the digital transformation requirement and are now:

  • Armed with tools – Empowered by multiple digital search facilities
  • Engaging with your existing customers – Social Media positive and negative
  • Always connected – Mobile devices

Without digital assets in all departments of your business you will fail to satify the requirements of your existing and potential customers.

CiroQu can help you on this digital transformation journey.

The Future of Digital Marketing is changing

The radical shift in customer behaviour with an always connected world has resulted in a new digital customer experience. This new Digital Customer Journey means businesses now have to have to go through a digital transformation to align themselves with their customers to effectively connect with them. Traditional ‘push’ marketing has gone as savvy customers start blocking out the noise.

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Converged Media and Digital Transformation

The customer journey has changed.

Paid advertising has been the traditional method to lead marketing efforts originally through TV and print advertising and recently online. The core objective of paid advertising is to spread brand messages. This form of messaging is now only part of the landscape.

The arrival of Social Media has meant that consumers now look to the connected world through different devices to source information, entertainment and shopping decisions. Digital Marketing has now taken the lead over traditional marketing and traditional marketing has been merged.


Paid advertising is no longer the primary medium, consumers are leading the search, so brands will need to employ and address different channels through owned and Earned Media and not concentrate on one single channel but understand and implement ‘Converged Media’ through digital marketing.

The next few years will see nearly all media containing elements of owned, earned and paid media. Those brands that start to align and integrate these elements will establish the experience to be leaders in the field of a new marketing world.

The evolution of Converged Media

As the method of facilitating owned,earned and Paid Media takes hold, the elements are starting to merge. As companies embrace this model and time moves on these elements will merge completely and all media be it owned, earned or paid will become one and the new form of digital marketing will evolve as the digital transformation starts.

Owned Media - Converged Media - Digital Marketing
Earned Media

Owned Media

Brands are continually creating marketing assets, often without direction, and are mostly content marketing. Examples of Owned Media channels are websites, microsites, blogs, video, powerpoint presentations, Facebook business pages, You Tube Channels. Whilst there is an internal budgeting cost, this Owned Media does not require an external spend.

Earned Media

This is simply user generated content created and shared by users predominantly on the Internet.
Earned Media includes Social Media posts, Blog Comments, Tweets, Videos, Reviews, Photos and anything that the user creates that promotes the brand.

This is gold!

Paid Media

Traditionally known as broadcast advertising using TV, Radio and Print, where messaging is ‘pushed’ to the audience. The relative recent introduction of the World Wide Web has provided online advertising through PPC (Pay Per Click) Banner Advertising, Sponsored Links amongst a myriad of others. All these advertising channels require the brand to pay.

” Curiosity Fuels Conversation “

CiroQu’s Converged Media Support

As a Digital Marketing Agency we provide support for all the elements of a converged media campaign and the digital transformation journey. No one agency can provide expertise in all these elements, some are generalized, however some are very specialized, so to enable us to provide excellence  in all our solutions we have forged some strategic partnerships with some of the very best providers. As a digital marketing agency we will provide the glue to ensure your strategy is achieved.


Still curious?

If you are wondering how this new form of marketing will affect you and your company then why not give us a call and we will provide you with a quick overview to see if it fits your business.

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