Image displaying the Earned Media Circle - An element of Converged Media

Earned Media

We provide the following Social Media services all branded in accordance to your visual and voice messaging brand policies to compliment your Owned Media arsenal. We provide these services as part of our client campaign strategies or standalone offerings in support of your own marketing efforts.

CiroQu’s Earned Media Support Services


Social Media Optimization is part of your Earned Media


Search Engine Optimisation is part of your Earned Media

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is key to your Earned Media Toolbox


Reputation Management & Monitoring


Online Community Management


Auditing, Monitoring Social Engagement

Image displaying the Earned Media Circle - An element of Converged Media

What is Earned Media?

Earned media is the user generated content provided on the internet that you do not directly control. You do however control the responses and feedback by correctly positioning your owned media content that they comment on. Earned media is an element of Converged Media and should be combined with either paid and/or owned media.

To use your earned media effectively you will need a community manager that understands both your brand voice messaging and visual branding, to enable them to engage live with customers on the web.


Earned Media includes digital assets such as:

  • Social Media posts
  • Blog Comments,
  • Tweets,
  • Videos,
  • Reviews
  • Photos and anything that the user creates that promotes the brand.

Read how Oreo takes an opportunity by the horns.

#DunkInTheDark was the hashtag when the lights went out at the Super Bowl XLVII. The timing was perfect with their Digital Agency there on site at the Super Bowl.
Within minutes of the blackout, a piece of content in the form of an image was concepted, designed and published, on site. Stakeholders of the brand were on hand for approvals and the swift response created one of the most outstanding earned media moments so far.

Read about Oreo’s #DunkInTheDark

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