Auditing & Monitoring Social Media

Knowing what people are saying about your business or brand across social media channels is now more important than ever, with social media having such an influence on the reputation of your company.

We can offer you advanced auditing and monitoring of your business on social media, by utilising a range of tools that allow us to track and create custom reports that detail all activity across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and thousands of blogs, for any mentions of your business name or products.

Experience & Knowledge

Our professional team at Ciroqu have the experience and knowledge to cover every intricacy of the ever-changing social media landscape, to make sure we can provide you with the vital support your company needs to stay on top of your social media presence.

So get in touch with us to get updated with what people are saying about your brand across social media. Acting fast and responding to negative criticism could prevent the loss of clients or sales, but without our auditing and monitoring service, you may never see these missed opportunities to act upon.

Image of Monitoring Social Media  Auditing and Monitoring Social Media monitoring social media services

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Auditing & Monitoring services from £350
* Please contact us for a US Dollar price.

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