Online Community Management

While social media has been an overall positive development for businesses, the requirement and importance of spending time on managing your interaction with potential and current customers online is on the increase, which can place a heavy drain on your employees and spread thin the workload.
Ciroqu can help your business return to doing what it does best. Let us manage your online community with our trained experts that truly understand the saying, the customer comes first.
When you take us on, we will initially carry out research to get a true sense of your brands ‘voice’, so we know how to engage appropriately with communities. Doing this allows us to be more real with your customers and relatable, rather than sounding like a corporate automated robot.
The next thing we do is an in-depth assessment to properly identify online communities that already exist around your brand, regardless of the size. This can be on any platform, from Facebook to something as specific as a single forum thread. We will get to know the values of each community on an individual basis and note of any influencers present.

We make sure you are getting the most from your online communities by acknowledging and rewarding fans and influential followers, while also responding to critics to show that your brand does care about what people are saying about you.

Online Community Management

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