Success Stories in Digital Marketing using Converged Media Strategies

Early adopters often seize the advantage over their competition and below are some examples. It is not restricted to only the large brands but brands of all sizes. When viewing these case studies remember to have achieved a Converged Media strategy you need two of the three elements or all three.

These success stories are taken from around the web as great examples, they are provided below to provide inspiration in your marketing efforts. Remember it’s all about sharing in today’s digital world.

If you have experienced examples of brands that have used any combination of paid, earned or Owned Media then let us know at CiroQu and we will publish it here.

Intel-Case-Study-Color-CiroQu  Success Stories Intel Case Study Color CiroQu
Oreo-Case-Study-Color-CiroQu  Success Stories Oreo Case Study Color CiroQu
Red-Bull-Case-Study-Color-CiroQu  Success Stories Red Bull Case Study Color CiroQu
Virgin-Atlantic-Colour-CiroQu  Success Stories Virgin Atlantic Colour CiroQu

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