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IKEA is a Swedish company registered in the Netherlands that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture (such as beds, chairs and desks), appliances and home accessories.


“Experience the power of the BookBook”

The importance of a pre conceived strategy which included the live, real time scenarios enabled Oreo to seize the moment. Whilst not a planned campaign with objectives, the objectives were standing by in their Converged Media Strategy.


A prime example of guerilla marketing.

The concept was created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty in Singapore. The creative directors, Mr Tinus Strydom, 36, and Mr Maurice Wee, 40, had received a brief from IKEA to make their customers in Malaysia and Singapore excited about the printed catalogue in a world where electronic devices have largely replaced books.

Great work Bartle Bogle Hegarty


It’s too early to report the results of this campaign however if you bookmark this page we will post the results later.

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IKEA - BookBook  IKEA BookBook Ikea




To launch the new IKEA Catalogue.


Create the concept of the BookBook to provide an alternative to digital devices.

Converged Media:

Elements included: Owned Media, Earned Media

Measureable results:

Too early to assess results however the viral nature of the video ad indicates a storming success, time will tell.

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