Intel engaged Social Influencer’s and Advocates to create engaging content across a number of their Owned Media assets. A number of topics were provided to the influencer’s based on their own owned products and services initiatives. Instead of spending the advertising dollars on print and TV they spent the money on either advocates of Intel or influencer’s in the area Intel were interested in. This created a hive of activity creating Earned Media which is then added to their earned media bank.

Intel used this Paid Media to drive engagements to their owned media therefore creating and building their owned media content.

Engagement was driven to their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and YouTube Channel.

From just 24 influencers employed, this resulted in 121 pieces of content which included videos, infographics and images.

intel  Intel intel




To create Social Engagement aligned to their current products and services initiatives.

Measureable results:

In excess of 1.1 Million Social Interactions with an average of 9314 per piece of content created by the influencers.

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