Internet Marketing Strategies for 2014

The customer journey is changing rapidly and consequently this is changing internet marketing strategies. The acceptance and use of mobile devices and the quest for information, entertainment products and services through search engines and social media has changed the game for marketeers. The old methods of outbound push marketing has given way to content marketing to enable the customer to discover and choose what they want.

The new marketing process has changed.

  • Identify your customer journey
  • Identify the touch points of your target audience
  • Create compelling useful content
  • Engage in social media conversations
  • Provide excellent customer support
  • Collect and analyse your data to provide Business Intelligence and Data Discover

Become a publishing warehouse

It is vital to establish authority on the web for your market place. Providing insight, entertainment and filling the gaps in your potential customers’ knowledge will spark up a conversation with your target audience.

Establishing authority and engaging with your audience builds up loyalty. Examples of this are Social Media conversations, articles on websites, White papers, case studies, eNewsletters and articles about your market and business on other websites.

This is an essential element of your future internet marketing strategies and has become part of your Owned Media assets.

Effective Social Media management

Ensure your company is engaging and managing their social media effectively, falling down on this element of your campaign will leave you behind in the race to get noticed. Future internet marketing strategies will need social media engagement.

Effective Social Media Management is the key to your earned media results.

Optimising your paid advertising

Traditionally it was accepted that paid advertising was the only way to tap into your target audience touch points through TV, Newspapers and Print. There has now been a marked shift in the way this is used. It is no longer the primary method of marketing, in fact it has become part of the Converged Media framework of marketing.

Paid advertising whilst it can be the kick starter it is now being used as the accelerator after social media and content marketing has created the marketing momentum.

Converged Media

Combining one or more of content marketing, social media engagement and paid advertising creates a convergence of all three of your media channels that is frequently becoming known as converged media and is now key to your internet marketing strategies.

What is converged media?

Business Intelligence and Data Discovery

Business Intelligence or Data Discovery as it now often called is the glue to all your converged media marketing efforts. Providing insights and actionable results means you can now accurately assess the results of your marketing campaigns and gleam powerful insights into your campaigns.

Find out more about an Internet Marketing Strategy for your business

To find out more about the new way of marketing get in touch with us and we will arrange a call to provide you with an overview leaving you to decide if it suits your business.

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