Projects in the brewer at CiroQu

We are continually creating owned media for clients, but we have some major innovative projects that will be utilising the Converged Media process.
Yirika - ReSearch Engine  CiroQu Projects yirika
Shortly to be launched this innovative new online tool provides the user with a revolutionary ReSearch engine, providing automated results 24/7 in a Pinterest style format.

Website: Yirika – ReSearch Engine
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WotzLocal  CiroQu Projects wotzlocal yirika projects
Our task is to create  a social campaign for specific cities within the WotzLocal City Guide.
The Trusted Web  CiroQu Projects the trusted web yirika projects
The Trusted Web was born out of the general mistrust of information on the internet. The initiative will attempt to build a better web community, by providing resources for businesses and individuals to build their online trust.
365 Comms - VoIP Service Provider  CiroQu Projects 365comms yirika projects
A new VoIP Phone service for Business and Home Users at some of the cheapest prices in the UK.
CiroQu AirCam  CiroQu Projects ciroquaircams ciroqu project
A simple example of how video walls create interest in the new trending business of Aerial videography.
The Net Shop  CiroQu Projects the net shop CiroQu Project
The Net Shop provides Local websites for local businesses, that are specifically targeted at local people searching for local products and services.

Website: Local Business Websites
Follow the conversation: TheNetShop

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