Brand Guidelines

Ensuring you have established both visual and voice brand guidelines is critical to your Converged Media and owned media strategy.

For small or large companies brand guidelines are essential for keeping your message consistent across all your owned, earned and Paid Media.

Often referred to as corporate branding, it not only applies to large corporate companies but to small and medium sized companies as well. Brand guidelines ensure that all your marketing assets portray your business in a strong and consistent way. From visual branding to voice messaging. Without consistent branding any converged media efforts will be diluted.

Will brand guidelines help me increase sales?

Absolutely!  Brand guidelines will ensure your company engages with your customers and will also sustain client relationships. Here’s how:

  • Customer loyalty – created by excellence in customer support and brand recognition.
  • Reduced customer confusion – A strong brand elevates your business above your competition.
  • A single message – ensuring your owned media collateral delivers a single message.

” Your Culture is Your Brand “

Tony Hsieh – CEO –

Visual Brand Guidelines

Consistency, consistency, consistency is key to creating a lasting image in someones mind. People register images first in their minds then the voice messaging, so it vital to establish consistent imagery for your business from the start.

Examples of visual branding may be obvious but here a few:


  • Logo
  • Fonts and typography
  • Colours
  • Image styles
  • Design layouts

Specialist Blog Content Services

We specialise in particular blog content, these services include:


  • Product Blogging
  • Lead Generation Blogging
  • Brand Exposure Blogging
  • Internal Communications Blogging

Find out more about Brand Guidelines

All our services ensure we comply with your existing company brand guidelines both visual and voice. If you do not have any guidelines then we can create these for you.

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