Digital Copywriting

Ensure your copy content satisfies both your reader and the search engines.

In the early days of the web we wrote content aimed specifically for our target audience, then the search engines such as Google forced everyone into using using keywords so that their algorithms could find our content, and so SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was born and hords of overnight SEO experts arrived creating goblydygook just to attract the search engines. This created a mess on the web and now its come full circle with Google and the panda now requiring the pages to be meaningful and full of interesting content, requiring accurate digital copywriting.

New search engines like the new ReSearch Engine  at provides searching without keywords, it understands what you are looking for, this form of semantic searching requires meaningful content. The move towards semantic search is moving at a fast pace and ensuring your content is meaningful now ensures you will not have to rewrite your whole website in the future.

” Curiosity Fuels Conversation “

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Web-writing services

  • Should be well planned
  • Engaging, informative, persuasive,
  • Easy to navigate, and easy to scan read
  • Written in easy to read English
  • SEO friendly but not the core of the text.
  • On brand according to your voice brand guidelines

Smartphones and Tablet Copywriting

  • Copy written especially for smartphones and tablets
  • Optimized for mobile search
  • Special Call To Actions and useability functions
  • Align your mobile messaging with your website
Smartphone and Tablet Copywriting digital copywriting Digital Copywriting  copywriting tablet ciroqu
Email Copywriting digital copywriting Digital Copywriting  customer journey

Email Copywriting

  • Available for External and Internal Comms Email, Newsletters
  • Effective copywriting that converts after opening
  • Audits of current email copywriting process
  • Pre eShot testing for suitability

For e-shots and email distribution see our email campaign management services.

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We research your products and services to ensure we correctly promote your brand, services and products to your target audience.

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