Social Media Page Design

Do we really need to use social media?

Many businesses avoid the use of Social Media, they think it is time consuming and does not create business for their companies. Let’s take a look at that.


When businesses build a website it is purely to attract customers and clients for their products and services. Your website initially is one of millions of sites competing for search engine users. The obvious route is to spend your money on either Search Engine Optimisation that takes time to be effective and or spend money on pay per click advertising on search engines such as Google to get an immediate response.
But where are your target audience, are they on Google all the time and does Google know what your interests are? Facebook and LinkedIn does so and so is therefore a better targeted audience for Pay Per Click advertising as most of your target are connected to either Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Maintaining your presence on these Social Media sites does not have to be time consuming, we provide automated posts on your Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn pages and our new website StreaminFeeds allows you to monitor all these sites on one page.
So it makes financial sense to use these facilities, we know once you try this out you will never have to use SEO or Google PPC ever again!

Social Media Page Design Pricing

Facebook page setup – 5 hours
Twitter page setup – 5 hours
LinkedIn page setup – 5 hours

Social Media Business Page Pricing

Initial Setup Pricing from – £425, PPC on Social Media sites on application, but budget for a minimum of £10 per day per site.
* Please contact us for a US Dollar price.

Find out why Social Media Business Pages  are so important

If you are looking for advice about Social Media business, why not contact us and we will call you back with some informative information you may not have considered.

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