As a business it’s important to consider the following: Research has shown that 27% of shoppers online are more inclined to view White papers that have aesthetically pleasing cover designs and well-crafted layouts.
Our team at Ciroqu can take your text, regardless of length, and present it in the most visually pleasing way that will help to ensure your readers keep turning the page, absorbing every ounce of information you are putting across to them. If you would like us to create the content as well as design the white paper, please get in touch with us.

A couple of tips to make the most of marketing your White Paper

Create a good Landing Page

You don’t want to let all the time spent developing and writing the content for your paper to go to waste, so it’s important to put equally the same amount of effort into marketing your work. A well converting landing page is one of the key things to get right, it should be eye catching and persuasive, making sure to put across that your white paper provides value and is worth the exchange of contact information.

Speaking at Conferences & Events

A fantastic offline way to market your white paper if your industry permits, is to get up on the stage and give a talk about the data you have collected and put together. You can treat this like a teaser, which will encourage your audience to get online and download.

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