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Television and radio advertisements are still some of the most powerful ways to reach large audiences and deliver your message. Impression rates through Television and Radio advertising are high because of the sheer number of viewers that see your advert.

What’s unique with Television and Radio is the type of advertisement that you use. The message of your advert can be portrayed through sophisticated media and special effects, or through real-life actors. Also your advertisements can be thought provoking dependent on the nature of your content, i.e. to convey an emotion or a strong feeling such as humour.

What’s also great about television and radio advertising is the targeting of multiple demographics at the same time, speaking to a wider audience with the same message.

Radio advertising is both an affordable and highly effective way to advertise. As with television, you can broadcast radio ads at certain times of the day, and at certain geographical locations which can be dependent on your customer’s behaviour.

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