Search Engine PPC

Search Engine PPC is a tried and tested form of online advertising that if set up correctly, can massively increase profits and brand awareness. If you are a relatively new company with no standing in the organic search engine results, PPC campaigns are essential to see a real improvement in traffic and sales.
If you feel like you aren’t receiving enough search engine traffic, consider the following for a moment:

Google Ads account for 64.6% of clicks for high commercial intent keyword searches

Ciroqu can help you achieve the most out of your PPC budget. We will tailor campaigns unique to your business by undergoing highly detailed research into your industry, company and competition, leaving no stone unturned. From the information we collect, we will use this alongside our range of tools to calculate the most beneficial keywords for you to target, ensuring your impressions and clicks will be from your target audience, that are searching with intent to buy or hire.
Through split testing and meticulously analysing data through Analytics and professional software, we will hone in on the highest converting ad copy and keywords, frequently providing you with our own reports detailing what we have done and how your adverts are performing.
Contact us now to see how we can help you start generating more income from search engine PPC.

Search Engine Pay Per Click

Search Engine PPC from £500
* Please contact us for a US Dollar price.

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