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Advertising on social media is a growing trend that is set to keep expanding in the future. The biggest difference between social PPC and traditional search engine PPC is that you are targeting users based on their demographic, interests, web history and even attributes such as their age, gender and relationship status, rather than what the user is searching for. While for some this provides a little moral discomfort, for a company it is a tremendous opportunity to get your presence known by your target audience.
Ciroqu will assist in nailing down the ideal demographics for which your company’s ads will target. Then we will individually create optimised adverts based on your goals for the commonly used social media platforms that allow for PPC advertising. Most notably these are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

We will make sure the images and words used are highly converting and engaging, split-testing where possible to discover which designs eek out the best performance. This ensures you get the most out of your budget, and both your website and social media platforms continue to grow visitor traffic.

Social Pay Per Click

Social Pay Per Click from £300
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