Reporting & Analytics

Our live proprietary web application provides real time data to either a web based dashboard or streamed live to a digital display in your marketing department.

This live information is retrieved from our own web spider technology enabling us to monitor in real time your Earned Media results.

Live Campaign Reporting

Reporting is customized according to the clients matrix and KPI’s, below is simply a visualization to demonstrate the display. The content is extracted from our spidering technology using Big Data Analytics.

The data analyzed provides for virtually any data and value to be extracted.

Overall Campaign Analytics

Campaign Sentiment

Brand Engagement

Social Media Analytics

Increase in Facebook Engagement

Increase in Twitter Engagement

Increase in LinedIN Engagement

Increase in YouTube Engagement

Converged Media Analytics

Owned Media

Case Studies

Earned Media


Paid Media


Live Campaign Visualization

Display of the analyzed data is live. We provide two methods of display. A web based screen provides a completely connected app which is secure and sharable to invited colleagues. In addition if our clients wish to view on a display in their offices we provide digital signed provide by HP.

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