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It’s time to stop selling, start sharing and helping your customers.

We are now fully immersed in the world of a digitally connected customer, and leveraging this huge audience needs a different approach. Brands can no longer ‘sell’ to customers. For both B2B and B2C, savvy customers now buy products and services based upon what they learn from online communities, online content and their personal social networks. Using a Converged Media Strategy in Digital Marketing Campaigns helps you rise above the noise.


A converged media campaign is the key to connecting with consumers in today’s connected world.


Integrated Campaign Strategies

As part of the digital transformation and the adoption of the new customer journey through viewing multiple devices at one time, the bias towards digital marketing campaigns becomes the focal point of engagement with TV  and Print media supporting the digital efforts.


Converged Media Implementation

Consumers are looking to brands to provide them with the information they are searching for. Intercepting the customer path in their quest for information is now critical to stand out from the noise of the web. Differentiating your brand, products and services can now only be achieved by creating curiosity for your customer.


Reporting & Analytics

One of the greatest assets of a Converged Media Campaign is the ability to anylise and action the results from each campaign. Monitoring the silo of Owned Media in a central database, the activities live online of your Earned Media and tracking your Paid Media is key to an integrated marketing campaign.It is a simple and  easy formula for assessing ROI.


Converged Media Implementation through Digital Marketing Campaigns

Owned Media - Converged Media - Digital Marketing

Owned Media

The full breadth of content marketing and creation services, including Video, Blogging, Website Development, just to name a few see our Owned Media services for more.

Earned Media

Earned Media

Through content creation and content marketing we provide the resources for your business to provide the customer with the information they are looking for.

Paid Media

TV, Print and online advertising remains a vital element in supporting earned and owned media assets. Using paid media to react immediately to online trends has brought huge success.

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